It is not unusual to lose hair after you are diagnosed with cancer. This leaves many patients feeling self-conscious, so some choose to don a wig until they are finished with treatment, and their hair starts to come back in.

It is not easy to select a wig. In general, you want to find one that looks like real hair. In addition, it should not be scratchy or slip off of your head at inopportune times. Finally, it should be affordable.

When deciding what store to patronize, look for one where you are afforded privacy and personalized attention. For example, you want to work with someone that has helped cancer patients before, because they will be more receptive to your needs. We like getting our lace front wigs from Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair. However, with that said, as you look for the right wig for you, there are a few questions that you need to make sure you ask.

What is the wig made out of?

Some wigs are made from human hair. Others are constructed from a synthetic fiber. Still, other wigs have a little bit of both in them. Most women gravitate toward synthetic fiber wigs because they do not feel heavy on the head. In addition, they are priced well, typically feel good and are not hard to adjust.

Using real hair is another story. These wigs are usually very expensive and hard to take care of. Your best bet is to go with a synthetic version.

How is the wig constructed?

In general, wigs are made using one of two different processes. Some are created using machines. Others are hand-tied. There is a bit of a stigma associated with wigs made from machines; people generally assume that these are meant for those that have hair, but that isn’t necessarily true. These wigs are often a great option because the price is right and they feel good on. You can pick the right wig for you based on how big your head is, what color hair you want and what type of hairstyle you want. One advantage of machine-made wigs is that you can really get them fitted to your specifications.

What do you need to do to attach the wig?

If the wig is the right fit, you won’t need anything else when putting it on your head. However, some people don’t like to take chances. The wig itself should just feel like part of your body when it is on. It shouldn’t make you sweat or weigh you down. Of course, you will feel warmer with a wig on than without a wig on, but there are some that have ventilation built in.

When you lose your hair, the top of your head may be extra sensitive, which is why some people have trouble tolerating wigs. If it is bothering you, put a scarf on top of your head and then place the wig on top of that. The scarf can help in a number of ways, but it should increase your comfort level dramatically.

If it is hard for you to put the lace front wig on your head, ask someone at the wig store to assist you, or simply call the Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair phone number and they’ll be glad to help you.

How To Care For Your Wig

Normally, you can wear your wig an average of 16 times before you have to wash it. However, if you move around a lot and tend to sweat, you want to wash the wig every seven days so that it stays clean.

Before washing, brush the wig. Then use a shampoo that was created specifically for wigs. A conditioner is a good idea as well.

Simply put the wig in cold water and add a little shampoo. Swirl the wig around, allowing it to absorb the water. When you are finished, wash it in cold water. Make sure you do not brush the wig wet. You also don’t want to wring it out, no matter how much water it has retained. Allow it to dry on a wig stand for several hours. Once it is dry, brush it the way you like to wear it.

Do you have a hair stylist? She may be able to help you figure out the best way to take care of your wig. Just ask her what she recommends!

A water-soluble hairspray is great for your lace wig. Lacquer sprays leave a build up that will harm the wig over time.

Pick up a natural bristle brush for your wig. Alternatively, you can use a wire or plastic brush as well. Try not to brush the wig too hard, because your wig will look matted. It is not appropriate to use a standard hairbrush, because you can harm your wig.

It is not appropriate to blow dry your wig or to apply any type of heat. You should also not use dye on your wig. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair customer support line and ask for assistance.